Why is This Important?

Learners Learn Differently

Learners learn differently. The goal of education is to support learners in reaching their full potential. While part of the educational process is to challenge learners to facilitate their growth, many learners experience constraints that make it difficult if not impossible to access certain learning resources.

And the impact is profound; the health and prosperity of a society is in large part dependent on equal access to educational opportunities. Inequality and exclusion have devastating social and economic impacts on society as a whole (as well as the excluded individuals). Open education resources are uniquely positioned to have an impact by supporting inclusive education.

Learning outcomes research shows that learners learn best when the learning experience is personalized to their learning needs. Learning breakdown, drop out and lack of engagement in education occurs when students face barriers to learning, feel marginalized by the learning experience offered or feel that their personal learning needs are ignored.

Digital content and digital delivery mechanisms can be harnessed to assist in addressing the diversity of learning needs because of their inherent flexibility. These mutable learning resources can be personally configured, adapted, and shared yielding a greater diversity of learning resources to address the broad range of learning needs.